Monday, December 12, 2011

Logo Design for the Restaraunt

I collaborated with my friend Bill Fore on this. I did conceptual work and Bill turned my drawing into a crisp, print quality logo. It will be used on menu's and stationary.

Friday, June 17, 2011

some commision work

an old friend is working with a phone app company. she asked me to do a drawing to give as a gift for the launch. these are parts of the final product.

Monday, May 30, 2011

A work in progress

This past year i have grown to appreciate landscape paintings. I love the work of people like Franz A. Bischoff, or Sydney Laurence. I would like to try some serious outdoor painting one day. For this practice piece I used a photograph from a kodak book. The colors arent bold enough in some areas, and one area my use of orange is poor, but otherwise I think I am on the right track.

New Puppy (drawing)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Take 5, Soldier.

Sgt. Rock by Joe Kubert quickly became one of my favorite books after reading it recently. Kuberts economical use of line is something i would like to adapt into my own work. This is an original artwork. No photo reference used save for a quick peek into a military history book for a little reference on the uniform.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mr. Freeze


Freeze Returns

       Freeze cocked his chrome plated pistol, aimed it for the bricks, and fired a blast that rendered the wall as a sheet of ice. He stopped and gazed into the ice. In his reflection he stared deep into the lenses of his goggles,  searching for any feeling of mercy. There was nothing.  Blank red lenses.
       Inside the building Batman and robin just reached Selina Kyle. Bound in a chair with her arms  behind her, Batman rushed to her aid. Around her wrists was no rope, no cuffs. Her wrists were held by a block of ice. It was a plan. The crime fighting duo had fallen for Freezes ploy.
       Outside Freeze cocked his pistol again, and fired another shot. This time the wall shattered. Batman and Robin snapped their attention toward the shattered hole in the warehouse wall. A tall, lithe figure entered the new entrance. Freeze was a man confident he could destroy the pair of crime fighter's. There was no shield against his weapon.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Destroyer Returns
Associated Press

         Falling victim to her undeniable beauty again, The Big City watched The Destroyer devastate vast portions of the city. Rescue teams, police, firemen and even military were drawn to a halt at any glance of her.  The guardians of the city were rendered useless. Many simply gazed while the amazonian beauty trotted down the avenues. The Destroyer appeared bored after an hour and left with much of the city reduced to rubble.
         Fighter pilot Kip Anderson proclaimed" There's something intoxicating about watching her. I dont know if its the way she moves, or her physical gifts or what, but its definitely like a hypnosis or something." During his mission Anderson never managed to fire one missile and could only bring himsef to circle and admire the female. "I did the best I could, but I never stood a chance"
          Mayor Don Stedwald said in a press conference shortly after the disaster, " We have no choice but to rebuild. A new plan will be put in motion, a revamped defense system. This will not, can not happen again and I plan to do everything within my power to prevent such an event going forth."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Interview with a Primate:Part 1

This interview took place in 2009. The primates words have not been altered in anyway, however grunts, howls and hisses have been skipped for practical purposes.

Dr. H: Mister Chimp, so thankful for the oppurtunity. I know you are elusive and your time is valuable. 

Mister Chimp: This is true, but a journalist such as yourself deserves such an opportunity. I don't sit down often, but I've read your work and I very much enjoy it. I especially enjoyed the piece you wrote on inter species mating. Had I the chance to vote, my ballot for the Pulitzer would have had your name on it.

Dr. H: Thats very kind of you. You share the same opinion as a lemur i spoke with recently. But enough with the pleasantries, lets peel away the bark and expose your rings.

Mister Chimp: Gladly...

Dr. H: In your experiences with humans, what is the most shocking aspect of their behavior?

Mister Chimp: Well i must say that the human is a particularly mystifying creature. Its ability to create and destroy so easily is simply awesome. To manipulate your environment so handily is truly an achievement of the species. Though amazing, this does not shock me. Human hands are such nifty devices, technically speaking. That said, I'm not shocked by by such abilities as this is the course of nature. Humans are not the best creature, just the first.
             What is truly shocking to me is the capacity humans have of hurting each other. Not only physically but emotionally as well. Sure chimps fight, wrestle, bite, and even kill at times. But its not personal. Its what we must do , part of our species really. Humans inflict pain for different reasons. Jealousy, greed, rage to name some. Their is no congenital predisposition to emotionally attack another human, but you all do it every day. Some degrade, some embarrass, some insult, some ignore. You all do it in your own way. Some more obvious than others. This confuses me. The chimps are detached. Survival is our objective, and part of our survival is working together. Humans work against each other better than they work together. You have the capacity to feed everybody yet war rages on.When chimps kill its over territorial disputes mainly, and the focus of such disputes is control of various plants and insect swarms. Humans have the capacity to control such matters yet you still destroy and kill. 
             I know humans purposely bring each other down. Emotional warfare plagues your species as much as military warfare. Be it romantic, religious, or philosophical. You have found limitless ways to snipe, and argue and belittle. Discrimination and pettiness infect all your territories. Why hurt the person you love? Why abandon your child? Why embarrass a friend? These things all chip away at the social foundation of the humans. Many people tend to complain the foundation is gone and the structure is beginning to crumble. I tend to agree.
            At times I believe this is the biggest flaw of the humans. Your environment no longer necessitates this 'team spirit' per se, so any semblance of 'teamwork' is evaporating. There will come a time when the humans must work together and when that time comes, sadly, you all may have forgotten how.

to be continued...